Check out these research sites.  GREAT RESOURCES!

Education World

Lesson Plans, Administrator Help Desk, Talk about School Issues, Reading, Writing, Technology, Templates, Graphics, and too much more to list.

KidsOLR Kids Online Resources

This site offers free clip art for kids, interactive multimedia, General Art & Music links, early childhood activities, entertainment music artists & recording companies, favorites for K-12, and a whole lot more. Check it out for interactive materials.

Microsoft Education

Even if you think you know all there is to know about Microsoft applications you will learn more here. There are also lesson plans, tutorials, tools for teachers, and more.

Office Online Templates

Ever want a spreadsheet to keep track of your textbooks but don't know how to set it up? Tired of the same old powerpoint backgrounds? Need graphics, clipart, or other ways to make your presentations more exciting in the classroom? LOOK HERE!!!


This is the homepage of public television, it contains unlimited resources for teachers, as well as an online catalog to order multimedia resources. It has an entire "Learn with PBS" section, which will in the future contain a "TeacherSource" site (under construction) that will be a specific site from which teachers can gain knowledge and tools for teaching. This site can be used directly in the classroom with children exploring on their own or in groups. They can access their favorite PBS program (like mine: Sesame Street!) or PBS also has their own lessons that children can "surf" through.


From the company that has provided us with reading materials for years, now there is a site for teachers with resources galore. LOTS of great stuff for the classroom and a special section for Back to School Stuff!!!

Webquest Page at SDSU

The home of the Webquest. Check out the new Quest Garden!!

Not all websites are authentic. 

Since anyone can publish on the web, we all have to be responsible and make sure the information we are getting is really correct.