The vision of the Lawrence County School District is to provide an excellent learning community:

  • With a safe, caring and positive environment
  • With a curriculum aligned with state and national standards, incorporating research-based, effective instructional strategies, valid assessments, and meaningful learning activities
  • Where instruction is differentiated to meet learning needs, and interventions are provided when students struggle to meet academic goals
  • Where all students become proficient readers, writers, and mathematical problem solvers
  • Where students learn to appreciate the arts, utilize technology, value a healthy lifestyle, and grow in knowledge about the world through study of all academic areas
  • Where respect and responsibility are modeled by staff members and demonstrated by students toward classmates, adults, and the learning environment
  • Where staff members continue their own learning as they study best practices in current research and analyze student data to raise achievement
  • Where high expectations are held for all students and staff members
  • Where all staff members strive to improve communication, cooperation, and collaboration with one another, students, parents, and community in order to help all students succeed