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Sarah Hudson

Hi! I am Sarah Hudson. I will be your child's teacher this year. I have been teaching for 17 years going into my 18th year. I am so excited to have your child in my 2nd Grade Class this year. I look forward to getting know each child and watching them learn and grow. I know we will have lots of fun while learning this year!


Contact Info.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me during school hours 7:30a.m.-3:30p.m.   




*Please check orange communication folders for notes and your child's work each night and return the folder daily.

*Please make sure to send a note for any transportation changes or call the office @ (870)886-3482. 

*Sign up for our school Remind app. We will send information through this app for anything school related. To sign up for Walnut Ridge Elementary notifications, go to the following link:

*Newsletters will be sent home in the orange folder weekly! Please check it for any upcoming dates, important reminders, and what your child will be learning each week. 


Parents are invited to:

*Guide your child to set up a prepared learning environment at home.

*Establish a consistent routine.

*Follow along with teacher' suggested activities to maintian skills and concepts.

*Provide opportunities for your child to share/present work to you. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When and how can I reach my child's teacher? 

A. Email and Remind are the best ways to contact the teacher. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We are encouraging students, parents, staff to take the evenings and weekends off. With no physical boundary between school/work and home, we need to provide time to reflect and refresh. 

Q. How much communication can I expect from school? 

A. School wide information will be available on the school webpage and through our Remind notification. Teacher information will be available through weekly newsletters, classroom Remind notifications, and teacher webpages. 

Q. My Family has technology limitations (computer and internet access) and can't participate fully. How can Walnut Ridge Elementary School help?

A. Walnut Ridge Elementary School has digital devices available to families' who have needed additional hardware and our community will have a designated hot spot for internet access. If anyone needs assistance, please communicate this to your teacher who will get you in touch with someone who can help with these resources. 


7:40-8:00 Breakfast/Bathroom Breaks/Morning Work

8:00-8:15 Handwriting

8:15-9:15 CKLA Skills

9:15-10:00 CKLA Knowledge

10:00-10:35 Small Groups/Bathroom Breaks

10:35-11:05 Lunch

11:05-11:25 Recess

11:25-11:50 Bathroom Breaks/# of the Day/Math Magic

11:50-12:35 BOBCAT BLOCK

12:35-1:15 Activity Class (See Schedule Below)

1:15-1:35 Recess/Bathroom Break

1:35-2:35 Math

2:35-2:45 Pack-Up/Clean Up

2:45-3:00 Bus/Car/Paw-Patch Dismissal


Monday- Art

Tuesday- PE

Wednesday- Computer

Thursday- Library

Friday- Music


September 21

October 31

November 16

December 14

January 25

February 14

March 14

April 25

May 16