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Ms. Natalie Wallin
(870) 886-6697
Social Studies Teacher
508 East Free Street Walnut Ridge, AR 72476


(5th and 6th Grade)

Grades can be found by using the Home Access Center (HAC).

Step 1: Go to school website: Lawrence County School

Step 2: Click on the Middle School (located on the orange boarder of the main page)

Step 3: Once the dropdown appears, click Grades

Step 4: Click on Home Access Center

Step 5: Click District and Select Lawrence County School District

Step 6: Enter your Username and Password

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Remind Codes

Class/ActivityRemind Codes
5th Grade Social Studies@5SS23
6th Grade Social Studies@6SS23
1st Period8:45-9:268:00-8:465th Grade Social Studies
2nd Period9:30-10:118:50-9:365th/6th Grade Study Hall
3rd Period10:15-10:569:40-10:26Conference
4th Period11:00-11:4110:30-11:166th Grade Social Studies
5th Period12:25-1:0612:05-12:515th Grade Social Studies
6th Period1:10-1:5112:55-1:416th Grade Social Studies
7th Period1:55-2:361:45-2:316th Grade Social Studies
8th Period2:40-3:112:35-3:06Recess

5th Grade Online Textbook 

National Geographic World Cultures and Geography

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Type "72476" and choose "Walnut Ridge School District"


Username: bobcats2024

Password: bobcats2024

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*Click "Launch Course"

*Clink the Menu (Pancakes) at the top left.

*Click "Materials"

*Click "English Student Edition"

*Choose your current Unit and Chapter

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5th Grade Social Studies

5th grade Geography- We will be studying Lawrence County, Arkansas the next several weeks. 

13 towns in Lawrence County

County seat of Lawrence County

Where the Black River is in Lawrence County

Where Lawrence County is located in Arkansas  (NE corner of Arkansas)

Counties that border Lawrence County

Notable attractions in Lawrence County

Major industry in Lawrence County

What year it was established

Population of Lawrence County

Historical significance for Lawrence County

How to get more information about Lawrence County  


6th grade Social Studies- We will be studying Chapter 4-Ancient Near East and its civilizations the next several weeks.

The Fertile Crescent

Civilization of Sumer

First Empires

An Eye for an Eye

Assyrian and Persian Empires


My 6th Grade Classroom Wishes

Clorox Wipes 


Paper towels

Ziploc baggies


Kickballs for recess

Basketballs for recess

Footballs for recess

Sidewalk Chalk for recess


October 6th Football Homecoming Dress up days for the week of Oct. 2-6

Mon.- Oct. 2-Pink Out Day/ Tues.- Oct. 3- Jersey Day/ Wed.- Oct.4- USA day wear red, white, and blue/ Thurs.-Oct.5- Country Club or Cowboy Day/ Fri. Oct.6- Homecoming Tshirt or Orange and White Day 

November 20-24 Thanksgiving Holiday

December 20-January 2 Christmas Break

January 15th MLK Teacher In-Service

February 16th Parent Teacher Conferences

February 19th President's Day Teacher In-Service

March 15-22 Spring Break

March 29 Good Friday

May 13th Graduation

May 24th Students Last Day