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Emily Herring

Welcome to Mrs. Emily’s

Third Grade Class!


*Please check your child’s orange folder each night and send back each day.

*Newsletters come home each Monday with all subject information for the week.

*If you need to change your child’s transportation home, please call the OFFICE by 2:00 or send a note with your child.

*Please sign up for our school Remind and my classroom Remind. This is our main communication to parents.


Contact Info: Emily Herring


(870) 819-0407—classroom phone REMIND code: text @ejh33 to 81010

Prep time: 8:50-9:30 (Mon. 9:30-10:10)


Daily Schedule


7:40-8:00             Breakfast 

8:00-8:45             PLC 

8:45-9:30             CKLA 

9:30-10:10            Activity 

10:10-11:15           CKLA 

11:15-12:05          Lunch/Recess  

12:15-1:00           Math 

1:00-1:30             Small Group Math 

1:30-1:50             Science/Social Studies 

1:50-2:10             Recess 

2:10-3:00            Wrap up/Stations 

7:40-8:00             Breakfast 

8:00-8:50             CKLA 

8:50-9:30             Activity 

9:30-10:10            Bobcat Block 

10:10-11:15           CKLA 

11:15-12:05          Lunch/Recess  

12:15-1:00           Math 

1:00-1:30             Small Group Math 

1:30-1:50             Science/Social Studies 

1:50-2:10            Recess 

2:10-3:00            Wrap up/Stations 

Activity Schedule

Monday- Library   

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Computer Lab

Thursday- PE


Safety Alert!

We are trying to ensure your child’s safety, so please make note of the following.  When your child is tardy or comes in late, please take them to the front door (office).  All doors will be locked by 8:00. 

Transportation change?

If you have a transportation change for your child, please send a note, an email by 2 pm, or contact the office.  Otherwise, your child will be sent home as usual per the handbook.

Sending Money?

When sending money, please have it in an envelope labeled with your child’s first & last name, what it is for, and their teacher’s name.