Vanessa Hufstedler - BUSINESS

Software used-Microsoft Office 2019 -- Textbook used-Personal Finance for Teens; -- Prerequisite-Keyboarding

What is Financial Planning and why should I take it?

This is a one year course designed to increase personal finance knowledge and skills and prepare students to successfully manage financial resources. The course also focuses on the individual's role and financial responsibilities as a student, citizen, consumer, and active participant in the business world. Emphasis is also placed on activities and competitions within career and technical student organizations such as FBLA. This course is aligned with and will satisfy the requirements set forth in Arkansas ACT 480.

Class Competencies:

  • Assess the role of money in the economy.
  • Analyze income, payroll, and employment forms. 
  • Assess the role of budgeting in meeting financial goals.
  • Determine strategies needed to meet goals.
  • Assess the impact of using credit cards to manage credit.
  • Understand insurance and risk concepts.
  • Examine the relationship between income and career choice.
  • Determine the value and risks of investments.
  • Assess the role of budgeting in meeting financial goals.
  • Assess the impact of interest on borrowing and investing.
  • Evaluate the use of credit in effective financial management.
  • Evaluate types of financial institutions and services they provide.

Classroom Links:

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Play Spent Activity       Vault Terms
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