Word Study Practice 

Dear Parents/ Guardians, 

For word study (spelling) this year, we will be focusing on one syllable type each week. We will learn how to identify, encode, and decode words associated with the syllable type that we are learning about. There are some things you can do with your child to help them from home! Below are a few examples of ways you can help enhance their learning. 


  • Read the Word List words (example words on news letter) These will be sent home on Monday each week. Have students use their decoding skills to read the words on each day. To decode, have your child look through the word for parts they know, segment (say) each sound and blend the sounds together. 
  • Read the Fluency Passages. Fluency passages will be sent home with your child on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week. Read this with them and help them find the feature for that week. 
  • Practice the example words. Our weekly newsletter contains feature words that will be very similar to the words that are on their weekly spelling test. You and your child can practice these words together. Have them write these words with a marker, colored pencil, or crayon! 
  • Write Heart Words. Each week, we will learn 5 Heart Words. These words are also found on our weekly newsletter sent home on Monday's. Heart Words are words that make unexpected sounds that we cannot sound out. We have to know them "by heart". These 5 words WILL be on th SPELLING TEST each week. Have your child write the heart words each week to help them learn the words. 

Thanks for all you do to hlep your child succeed!! 

-Mrs. Miller