Walnut Ridge Middle School


Reminder:  Students aged 11 years old on or before Sept.1st of each year are required to recieve a Tdap vaccine.  Incoming 7th graders are required to recieve their 1st meningitis vaccine while students who are 16 on or before Sept 1 of each year are required to recieve their 2nd meningitis vaccine.  These vaccines need to be completed prior to the start of the 2021-2022 sschool year.

All student council members make sure you are on remind for the summer.


Congratulations WRMS Awards

5th Grade

Most Valuable Attitude – Elaina Bricker and Max Owens

Student of the Year – Jagger Brady

6th Grade

Most Valuable Attitude – Callie Burton and Riley Richey

Student of the Year – Kodi Thielemier

Perfect Attendance – Marlee Lady (only Student in WRMS)

7th Grade

Most Valuable Attitude – Carlie Priest, Cash Baker, and Phillip Beaty

Student of the Year – Jaxton Brady

8th Grade

Most Valuable Attitude – Stormee Jackson, Carlos Aguilar and Enrique Perez

Student of the Year - Karleigh Clements

Mack Davis Award – Karleigh Clements



Congratulations Walnut Ridge Middle School for being recognized as a certified Kindness school.






5th Grade Supply List



6th Grade Supply List

7th & 8th Grade Supply List


Just a reminder: All students need to be washing hands/using hand sanitizer upon entering school, when changing classes, and as often as possible.


Please remember to cough and sneeze in a Kleenex or elbow.

Please help us in keeping desks clean by wiping with a disinfecting wipes as often as possible.

Please remember your phone, tablets, and locker handles may be some of the dirtiest items you touch.