Graphing calculators will be used on a regular basis in the classroom.  I expect and encourage the students to become very familiar with the set up and applications of the graphing calculator.  A classroom set of TI-84+ (Texas Instrument 84 Plus) graphing calculators are available for student use in the classroom.
Students will need access to a TI-83/84 graphing calculator outside of class.  Students may either purchase a calculator, borrow one from a friend or family member, lease one for the school year from WRHS or install an app which emulates the calculator on their smart phone, ipad, etc.


WRHS has a limited number of TI-84+ calculators to lease for the school year.  Student interested in leasing a calculator will need to complete and return the lease agreement form with the appropriate fee.


Each calculator has an internal ID# which is unique for every calculator.  To access the calculator's ID#, turn the calculator on and press the following buttons:

[2nd] , [+] , [1] or [Enter]

The ID # is the 14 character string of numbers and letters.  If you own a calculator, it would be a good idea to document this information for ownership verification.