Week of March 11-14
Computerized Accounting I - Assignment: Chapter 5-Banking & Reconciliation; Check Writing;
Terminology: Account, Account balance, Account number, Account title, Accounting cycle, Accounting equation, Accounting period cycle concept, Account closing trial balance, Posting, Proprietorship, Temporary Accounts, Transaction, Trial balance, Worksheet 


Technology Design Applications Assignment: PPoint Pgs. 4-53, 57, 58-59;

Terminology: Alignment, Ascending, Automatic Page Break, Borders, Bullets and Numbering, Clip Art, Columns, Copy and Paste, Cut and Paste, Descending, Desktop Publishing, Drag and Drop, Edit, Find and Replace, Font, Footer, Format, Graphic, Header, Indent, Landscape Orientation, Line Spacing, Manual Page Break, Margins, Point Size, Portrait Orientation, Print Preview, Shading/Fill, Sort, Spell Check, Tab Stop, Table, Template, Thesaurus, View, Word Processing, Word Wrap, Wrap Text, Word/Text Art

Business Procedures - Assignment: MOS Training in GMetrix Continued;
Terminology: Animation, Cell, Column, Copier, Data, Database, Database management, Data processing, Desktop publishing, Facsimile (fax), Field, Formula, Presentation software, Query, Record, Row, Scanner, Slide, Spreadsheet, Transitions, Word processing
Securities, Investments, Risk, & Insurance - 5 Minute Activities; Stock Market Game; EverFi Modules; W!SE Certification Prep.;
Terminology: Arbitration, Better Business Bureau, Credit Score, Predatory Pricing, Risk, Risk Management, Small Claims Court
Financial Literacy - Assignment: EverFi Financial Literacy Certification Prep. Terms Tests;
Terminology: US Treasury, Federal Reserve, Taxes, Finance, Finances, Time Management, Financial Planning, Employee Benefits, W-2, I-9, Social Security, Medicare, Budgeting, Expenses, Interest Rate, Loans, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, Investing Accounts, Fraud, Identity Theft, Insurance, Collateral, Credit Score, Credit, Down-Payment, SEC, Mutual Funds, Mortgage, Portfolio
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