Textbook: Fundamentals of Insurance, Tina Crews, Investing in Your Future; 2nd Edition - Prerequisites: Technology Design Applications
What is Securities, Investments, Risk, and Insurance and why should I take it?
This is now a year course designed to teach the basics of investing. Topics include investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate; the relationship between risk and return; saving money in using different financial instruments; retirement planning using Individual Retirement Accounts, 401k and 403b accounts and annuities; estate planning; and using insurance to plan for risk management. The course is designed to provide opportunities for independent and collaborative work. The purpose of this course is to teach students the fundamentals and benefits of investing for life long financial health. 
Class Competencies
* Insurance fundamentals 
* Careers in insurance fields
* Business insurance
* Determine insurance needs 
* Basic queries
* Compare companies
* Automobile insurance
* Homeowner's insurance
* Health insurance
* Ethics from both views
* Rights/responsibilites of insurance       
* Laws associated with insurance           
* Investment fundamentals                      
Understand basic investment options   
* Personal investing
* Analyze stocks
* Retirement and estate planning
* Classify types of mutual funds
* Protecting your wealth
* Homeowner's insurance
* Learn purposes of saving
* Understand interest rates
* Learn investment strategies
* Explore different careers
 Classroom Links
Risks Quiz                                                   
Quick Quiz 1          
Driving Test
Home Insurance Video         
Unit 1 Test
Reading Your Portfolio
The Rookie