Textbook: The Office Procedures and Technology 6th Edition, Oliverio - Prerequisites: Keyboarding & Technology Design Applications/Survey of Business
  What is Business Procedures about and why should you take it?
This is a one year course for juniors and seniors, focusing on the business and work environment. The course covers advanced skills such as word processing, records management, and communications as well as decision making, critical thinking, teamwork, and ethics. Students study the business management process. Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are emphasized as well as basic concepts of staffing, and leadership. Students entering the workforce will have excellent marketable skills.
  Class Competencies:
  • Learn basic skills needed for employment in this changing workforce
  • Learn techniques for equipment/software used in many businesses today.  
  • Emphasis on Microsoft Office which is the most commonly used software program in business and industry.
  • Continue training of word processing, databases, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, and other applications.
  • Emphasis placed on grammar and word use in original documents.
  • Current technological and workplace trends stressed including: alternative work arrangements, ethics, phone and email etiquette, customer service skills, and much more!
  • Cover letter and resume' writing will be a strong focus!
 Other Class Competencies:
* Explore careers
* Learn about business and its environment
* Develop advanced office skills
* Information and communication systems
* Management responsibilities
* Human resource management
* Financial management
* Demonstrate processing and managing of information  
* Professionalism on the job
* Demonstrate management and support skills
* Production and marketing management  
* Demonstrate entrepreneurship awareness
* Demonstrate career management
* Learn and develope career ethics
* Customer service skills
* Produce business documents
 Classroom Links: 

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