Pre-AP English 10  
Monday, Oct 25

(SUB) Read Queen E's speech addressing Diana's death. Using your flipcharts, begin to analyze the text (p. 29 and also in notes you received last week.)

  • See RED notes on board. Video of LIVE speech is on YouTube
  • Begin an outline: Who is the speaker? Explain each of her roles; she's more than just the queen here, she's also grandmother to Will and Harry. relationship to Diana specifically. Address her POINT OF VIEW. Who is the audience? Lots of different audiences to whom she is speaking. What does she say and to whom?
  • Remember the questions from the Rhetorical Strategy cards. Use them. 
Tuesday, Oct. 26

Discussion of notes from yesterday's analysis.

  • Begin putting thoughts together in sentence/paragraphs.
  • Organization: Ordeer of Importance vs. sequential
  • Look for evidence of ethos, logos and pathos
  • P. 57-58 Tropes and Schemes. Note what you find by providing textual evidence ("quotes")
  • MLA format
Wed., Oct. 27

I'll provide an analysis of the BBC Breaking News; help you with analysis of Queen's speech. Remember to look for emotional impact words

Thursday, Oct. 28p.  Continue. 
Friday, Oct 29

Vocab test #4

Preview of Lord Charles Spencer's eulogy

Rhetorical Analysis of his eulogy is due Monday midnight. MLA format