Online Students-

**If you are Virtual then you should have a GLENCOE HEALTH textbook.**   

**Students who choose to go virtual will need to make arrangements to check out a Health textbook from Coach Berry.

**Students who are not in class due to being quarantined (or when school is doing a "Virtual Day") will need to use the uploaded textbook pages located in the TEXTBOOK pages tab in my Health Canvas assignment planner.

Canvas Instructions:

How to use Health and safety assignment planner on canvas- 

**all assignments will be sent via remind and will be posted on coach Berry’s teacher page on school Website**

After logging into Canvas, go to your Health and Safety course.  

Using the left hand tool/taskbar- click on HOME to access Health and Safety Assignment Planner.

  • Click on Planner slide for basic class information

  • Use the tabs to find necessary information to complete specific assignments.  Click the tab and then the center of the slide.

  • Follow other prompts

Virtual/Online Assignment-

November 2nd- Chapter 26 Study Guide in Study Guide Tab.  Use Chapter 26 Textbook pages if you do not have a textbook at home.  

November 4th- Chapter 26 Test in Chapter Test Tab in Health Assignment Planner on Canvas.  Email the test as a edited word document.  Attach the document to an email or share edited chapter test in Canvas.  Save the edited Chapter Test document so it can be printed if necessary.

Health assignments on Canvas:

Online Students-

Use the glossary or Chapter 27 reading passages to define the Chapter 27 lesson vocabulary words.  All Ch 27 vocabulary terms are listed on PAGE 785. Of your Health textbook.  There are 21 all together.

**New Assignment**  Read pages 758-770.  Answer lesson 1  Review questions, page 763 #1-3.  Answer lesson 2 Review questions, page 770 #1-3

Quarantined Students-

Use uploaded Chapter 27 textbook pages to answer the following lesson review questions. Read pages 758-770.  Answer lesson 1  Review questions, page 763 #1-3.  Answer lesson 2 Review questions, page 770 #1-3.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 20th-  Virtual Students must have all previous work/assignements completed and submitted to me by 3 pm Tuesday November 22nd.

Classroom Students
Nov 9-13
 Chapter 27 vocabulary rev
  chapter 27 lesson 1 and 2 rev questions
  ch 27 l 1 and l2 class discussion    
    chapter 27 lesson 3 and 4 rev questions
  ch 27 l3 and l4 class discussion
Nov 16-20
    Virtual DAy-  Assignment will be sent via Remind/posted on Canvas
  Complete Canvas Assignment- Chapter 27 Review
    Chapter 27 test-  Test is uploaded on Canvas in the test tab in health assignment planner